Top 10 Best Disposable Vape Brands to Try in 2021

Disposable vapes are the latest trend in the vaping industry, and they have become increasingly popular amongst vaping enthusiasts, both novice and seasoned. These convenient and user-friendly devices have become a go-to for many users, and with their rising popularity, various brands have developed their own disposable vapes. As a result, the market is saturated with numerous disposable vape brands. In this article, we’ll be highlighting the best disposable vape brands in the industry.

Puff Bar

Puff Bar is undoubtedly one of the best disposable vape brands in the market. Launched in 2019, Puff Bar reached the peak of its popularity, with its wide range of mouth-watering flavors. Their pre-filled disposable vape device comes with an internal battery and pre-filled e-liquid. Puff Bar is available in various flavors, including mango, strawberry, blueberry ice, grape, and cool mint, amongst others. Each Puff Bar device comes compactly sized and can last up to 200 puffs.

Puff Plus

Puff Plus is an upgrade to Puff Bar, and it offers vapers more options and better flavors. Puff Plus has a more significant battery capacity, making it last longer than the Puff Bar. In addition, these devices offer about 800 puffs, which is significantly more than the Puff Bar. Puff Plus comes in similar flavors like Mango, Cool Mint, and Blueberry Ice, but it also has some unique flavors such as Lush Ice, which is a blend of watermelon and menthol.

Hyppe Bar

Hyppe Bar is another brand that has gained popularity in the disposable vape market. This brand boasts of an extensive range of flavors from fruity to sweet, and their device’s quality is top-notch. Hyppe Bar has a compact design and comes with an internal battery, which is powerful enough and can last about 400 puffs. It also features a leak-free design that prevents e-liquid from escaping from the device.

SEA Disposables

SEA Disposables have also become popular amongst vape users, and for a good reason. Their unique flavors, coupled with their excellent quality, have earned them a place amongst the top disposable vape brands. Their disposable vape devices come in flavors like Blue Razz, Peach Lemonade, and Strawberry Cream, amongst others. Each SEA Disposable vape offers approximately 1000 puffs, making it one of the highest puffs disposable vapes in the market.


EZZY offers a broad range of flavors and a compact design, making it one of the sought-after disposable vape devices in the industry. The device is pre-filled with e-liquid, and it offers vapers the option to choose from its vast range of flavors, including banana ice, strawberry lemonade, lychee ice, and many more. With the EZZY disposable vape, you can expect about 300 puffs from each device.


The disposable vape market is saturated, with numerous brands vying for the top spot. However, the brands mentioned above have successfully established themselves in the market and have become the best disposable vape brands. These brands offer quality, reliability, and most importantly, a wide range of flavors to suit the user’s taste buds. So whether you’re a novice vaper or a seasoned one, you can never go wrong with any of the above brands.






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