Red Mojito EB Design BC3500

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 Red Mojito EB DESIGN BC3500 disposable vape pen offers a refreshing and invigorating blend of lime and mint flavors, reminiscent of the classic mojito cocktail. With its generous e-liquid capacity, strong nicotine strength, and ample number of puffs, this disposable vape pen provides a satisfying and convenient vaping experience for enthusiasts of minty and citrusy flavors. Shop all EBDesign bc3500 flavors 

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Red Mojito EB DESIGN BC3500 disposable vape pen delivers a unique and refreshing vape flavor inspired by the classic cocktail. This flavor combines the zesty notes of lime with the invigorating freshness of mint, creating a vibrant and revitalizing taste experience.

In addition to its enticing flavor, the  disposable vape pen comes with impressive device specifications. With an e-liquid capacity of 10.5ml, this disposable vape pen ensures an extended vaping session without the need for frequent refills.

The nicotine strength of 50mg delivers a satisfying throat hit, making it suitable for those who prefer a stronger nicotine concentration. With over 3500 hits or puffs, this device offers long-lasting enjoyment before requiring a replacement.

 Device Details of Elf Bar BC3500 EBDesign

  • E-Liquid : 10.5ml
  • Strength of the Nicotine: 50mg
  • Puffs: +3500 Hits



This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. You must be +21 Yrs old to purchase. Also, This product can expose you to chemicals including nicotine visit for more

1 review for Red Mojito EB Design BC3500


    great flavor and long lasting device.

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